“Visa de residencia sujeta a contrato de trabajo”


Allows you to engage in legal remunerated activities exclusively with the employer with whom you signed a contract to apply for this residence permit. 

For further information you can visit this link https://www.extranjeria.gob.cl/trabajar-en-chile/visa-sujeta-a-contrato/

The application can be submitted throughout the year.


The process may change according to each situation:

  • “Visa sujeta a contrato” application for the first time: allows you to engage in legal remunerated activities exclusively with the employer with whom the contract was signed. The visa is granted for 2 years maximum and can be extended for equal periods. 
  • “Prórroga de visa sujeta a contrato”: can be applied for by foreigners who already have a “visa sujeta a contrato” and remain working with the same employer. Must be applied for within 90 days before the visa expiration.
  • “Visa sujeta a contrato” change of employer: for those who have a “visa sujeta a contrato” and finishes their contract, then apply for a new visa with a new employer.
  • “Visa sujeta a contrato” ratification     due to change of employer (not having the visa stamped): if during the process of your visa application you change of employer before stamping the visa, you may request a ratification due to change of employer, submitting the new documents. The visa is corrected and granted with a new employer, the one you will work with. In case of changing employer, there is a due date of 30 days from the ending of the employment relationship to submit a new application without having to pay a fine. If you do not meet the due date, you will have to pay a fine to regularize your immigration status.
  • “Prórroga de visa” for dependents: for cases in which the visa holder is in process of application or already has been granted with a visa. This permit allows the dependent only to reside in the country, not engaging in remunerated activities.

The following applications are not accepted:

  • Having an irregular immigration status and not paying the fine (expired tourist card or working without authorization).
  • Having an impediment to apply for a visa (valid expulsion, valid visa rejection, pending visa application, valid prohibition to enter the country).

Whom is it addressed to?

  • Foreigners who are traveling to Chile, or already are in the country with a signed contract with an employer established in Chile.
  • The visa holder can request a dependent visa for his/her spouse and children to live at his/her expense, they must meet these requirements:
  • Having a valid permit (example: tourist card).
  • Having a valid passport.

What do I need to apply?

Check the requirements and the documents needed to apply on this link https://www.extranjeria.gob.cl/trabajar-en-chile/visa-sujeta-a-contrato/


  • Colombians, Peruvians and Dominicans must submit a valid “certificado de antecedents judiciales” for any application.
  • The documents must be translated to Spanish, unless they are written in English, French, Italian or Portuguese.

How much is it?

The fee changes according to each nationality. 

You can see the fee table on https://www.extranjeria.gob.cl/aranceles/ 

How long is it for?

The visa expires once the employment relationship finishes. Afterwards, the foreigner has 30 days to submit a new application presenting the settlement and a new contract.

Legal Framework

Mail guide

Throughout the country:

  • Gather all the required documents.
  • Send them through certified letter to “Clasificador 8, correo central, Santiago”.
  • As result, you application will be submitted (you will receive a copy of the supporting document at the informed address).


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