Changes in the Permanent Residence Certificate information.


It allows people who possess a permanent residence permit to request changes in the documentation that was issued, specifically, information related to identity (names, surnames, RUN, gender and nationality).

Learn more about the certificate of permanent residence.

The procedure is available throughout the year at .

Who is it addressed to?

Foreigners residing in Chile who obtained Permanent Residence.

What steps should I take?

To learn more about the requirements, click on this link.

How much is it?

There is no charge.

Online Guide

1. Click on "ir al trámite en línea" (go to the online procedure).

2. Once on the institution's website, type your RUN and ClaveÚnica, click on "autenticar". If you do not have it, request the ClaveÚnica.

3. Click on "iniciar" in the image that says "Modificatoria de datos de Certificado de Permanencia Definitiva".

4. Accept the conditions, and click "siguiente" (next).

5. Select the type of application, complete the personal and contact information, upload the required documents, select the information you wish to modify, and indicate if the Permanent Residence  Certificate was obtained before 1960. Click "siguiente" each time the system prompts you to do so.

6. Click "enviar solicitud" (send request).

7. As a result, you will have requested the modification of the information on your  permanent residence certificate. You will receive a confirmation in your e-mail.


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