Requesting Duplicate of the Permanent Residence Certificate


Those who received their Permanent Residence on a date prior to 01/01/2019 and misplaced the certificate, can get a duplicate of this document.

If you were granted your Permanent Residence as of 01/01/2019, it is not necessary to request a duplicate. You can obtain the respective copies through the portal at, under "Certificado de Permanencia Definitiva con ClaveÚnica".

The procedure can be executed throughout the year.


As of 01/01/2019 the Permanent Residence Certificate became digital. Everything done before that date comes as a physical document. Thereby, it is necessary to request a duplicate in case of loss.

Who is it addressed to?

To foreigners who have the Permanent Residence granted prior to 01/01/2019, whose certificate has been lost and/or damaged.

How can you request it?

- Go to the link and select the option "Solicitud de Duplicado de Permanencia Definitiva".

- The procedure is done with ClaveÚnica.

- Check the required documents.

How much is it?

There is no charge.

How long is it for?


Legal Framework

Decree Law No. 1,094 of 1975.


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