Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus 


 1.What can I do if I am a tourist, my Tourist Card is about to expire, and I cannot travel due to border closures?

You must apply for an Ampliación or Prórroga de Turismo (tourist extensions), only if applicable, at


2. What happens to flights scheduled during the border closures?

The Department of Extranjería y Migración of the Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública is the entity in charge of granting residence permits to foreigners living in Chile. However, this question should be addressed to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores or the Investigative Police (PDI), which are responsible for border control.


3. I am a foreigner residing in Chile, and I am currently out of the country. Will I keep my resident status upon my return? (With a Visa or Permanent Residence) 

Yes, since you are a regular resident of the country. 


Please bear in mind that a different procedure applies when requesting a Consular Visa.


4. Will foreigners with a Temporary Visa in process be allowed to enter the country?

Yes, since they are regular residents of the country. 


Please bear in mind that a different procedure applies when requesting a Consular Visa.


5. What will happen to all the scheduled appointments?

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our Department has decided to cancel appointments at Matucana 1223, Santiago. We recommend everyone to play close attention to our website, social networks and your email notifications for more information.


6. What do I have to do to get my Electronic Visa? 

As of 09/23/2020, you must download your Electronic Visa (EE) from our website at



7. What happens to people who have a Democratic Responsibility Visa that is about to expire and will not be able to travel due to the pandemic?

A 1-year extension must be requested, only if it has been previously granted for the same amount of time. Otherwise, they must apply for Permanent Residence. Both procedures can be requested at




8. Will deadlines be taken into account when submitting Permanent Residence applications?


Permanent Residence applications must be submitted 90 days before the expiration of the visa at The applicants must have a ClaveÚnica. Since 01/05/2019 the application will only be submitted digitally through the platform. If the established deadlines are exceeded, the calculation and the payment of the corresponding fine must be made. Thereafter, a new application must be submitted.




9. What will happen with the online calculation and payment of the corresponding fine from 23/03/2020?

In the Metropolitan Region as well as in provincial governments, the calculation and payment of the fine for foreigners is done through the platform at, by selecting "Calculo de Multa Extranjero".



10. What happens if I have to go through the digital procedures urgently, and I do not have a ClaveÚnica?

You can obtain your ClaveÚnica at the branch offices of ChileAtiende and Registro Civil. We recommend you to visit their websites and official social networks for more information.


11. What will happen with expired Identity Cards? Does the 1-year extension apply to foreigners? 

For information on expired Identity Cards, please go over the article Questions and Answers on the Identity Card Extension.




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What type of application should I choose to apply for Chilean Citizenship? 



When filling out the Citizenship Application you will see these TWO options:


  • Postulación Personal (Personal Application)
  • Hago esta solicitud en representación de un postulante menor de 18 años (I am submitting this application on behalf of an applicant under 18 years of age)



  • Postulación Personal (Personal Application)


If you selected "Postulación Personal", you will have to verify that all your information corresponds to the information on your Chilean Identity Card.  Then you must carefully fill out all the fields required of your application.

All the data you enter must be accurate; otherwise, your application may be rejected.


  • Hago esta solicitud en representación de un postulante menor de 18 años

            (I am applying on behalf of an applicant under 18 years of age)


You must select this option if the application is for an applicant under 18 years of age. When you select this type of application, a field will be displayed where you must fill in the applicant's identification information. It is important that after filling out the application, the applicant's current nationality and country of origin are entered. 



After completing this section, you must fill in the "legal guardian's personal information", where you must verify that your data corresponds to the one on your Clave Única.


Important: Many applicants make the mistake to fill out the minor's information instead of the legal guardian’s. 


Finally, you will have to upload the document that proves the relationship between the holder of the Clave Única and the minor. The following documents are allowed: 

  • Birth certificate.
  • Legal guardianship.
  • If the guardian is a foreigner, he/she must prove his/her current immigration status in Chile. 




All documents issued abroad must be apostilled or duly legalized by the Chilean Consulate in the country of origin and by the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Proof of your relationship with the minor such as: Birth Certificate, obtained in the country of issuance of the document, or Legal Guardianship, granted by a judicial entity or before a notary public. 



How does the representation of the minor occur?


The authorization of both parents to apply for the minor’s Chilean Citizenship must be notarized or apostilled, in case one of them lives abroad or the authorization of the person who has the legal guardianship of the minor, if applicable.



All documents must be valid (See type of documents and validity on the foreigners' website > nationality).