Student Visa Extension (Prórroga)


  • It gives you the option to extend the duration of the student visa as long as the conditions by which the visa was granted are maintained. It allows the student to change educational institution without the need to apply for a new residence permit.
  •  Students must apply within 90 days prior to the expiration of the visa. This type of visa does not authorize the student to engage in paid activities.
  • As of 05/08/2020 no applications will be received by mail in the Metropolitan Region.

If you need to know more about the requirements for the Student Visa Extension (Prórroga) click on the following link

Who is it addressed to?

Student resident visas will be granted to foreigners who travel to Chile in order to study as regular students in State or private educational establishments recognized by the State, or in centers or organizations of higher or specialized studies. They will have to prove their corresponding enrollment.

Likewise, it may be granted to foreigners who, being in the country, prove that they have enrolled in some of these establishments, as well as to the dependent family group of the beneficiary.

In order to obtain the extension of this visa, the foreigner must accompany a certificate of attendance, as well as, in case of not being a scholarship holder, prove the continued and regular receipt of economic means for his/her support.

What steps should you take?

  • ·         Residents of the Metropolitan Region can go to and select the option " Prórroga de Visa Estudiante".
  • It is required to have a ClaveÚnica to proceed.
  • Check the required documents.

In other regions, you must go to the nearest Extranjería  (you must request an appointment through 

In the Provincial Government of Antofagasta, you must send your request to Clasificador 31, Correo Antofagasta, Antofagasta.

How much is it?


How long is it for?

The visa will be valid for a maximum of one year and may be renewed for equal periods, successively and free of charge. Scholarship recipients will be granted this visa for the duration of the scholarship.

Legal Framework

Aliens Regulations; Circular N°10 of 2020 of the Department of Aliens and Immigration.

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