Electronic Visa


This is a document that can be downloaded from the immigration procedures platform, for all foreigners who have been granted a residence visa. It incorporates a QR code verification system.

How can you apply?

This procedure employs a QR code verification system. In addition, any applicant with a criminal record will be prevented from proceeding with registration, and will remain subject to a background check conducted by the Department of Extranjería y Migración. 


Once the automatic registration has been completed at the Migration and International Police Headquarters of the PDI, or the corresponding International Police section in each Region, the applicants will be contacted by the Identification Service, in order to proceed, and according to the respective protocols, to obtain the identity card (ID) for foreigners.

Who is it addressed to?

Foreigners who have been granted a residence visa and have not yet had it stamped in their passport or similar document (Título de Residencia).

What steps should you take?

You must have the identification document number (regular passport, official passport or ID card) as reported including the check digit. In addition to:

- Issuing Country

- Date of birth

- Gender

- Cell phone number

- E-mail address

- “Comuna” of residence

How much is it?

There is no charge.

How long is it for?

The electronic visa came into effect on September 23, 2020.

Legal Framework

Decree Law No. 597 of 1984.

Online Guide

Available nationwide.

1. Click on "go to online procedure".

2.         Once on the institution's website, select "Estampado Electrónico".

3.         Read carefully, select the type of document and the number with which you entered your original application.

4.         Select the country of origin of the document and your date of birth.

5.         Click "siguiente" and then "continuar".

6.         As a result of the process, the system will immediately issue the Electronic Visa certificate.



Applicants with a criminal record will be prevented from proceeding with registration as long as the corresponding authority makes a decision on their immigration status.


Estampado Electrónico, Estampado.