1. Who can have access to the Electronic Visa? 

Those who have a visa issued that has not yet been stamped or downloaded will have access to the Electronic Visa. Those in the condition of dependents will have the same access in around a week, after the visa holder has downloaded his/hers.

2. Will minors be able to obtain it without a problem?

No. You do not need to be of legal age to obtain the Electronic Visa. However, dependents will have to wait for the visa holder to download their visa first.

3. Is the Electronic Visa sent to your e-mail or must it be downloaded from the website?

Both, the Electronic Visa can be downloaded from the website at www.extranjeria.gob.cl, as it is also sent to the e-mail address provided by the applicant once the download is complete. 

4. If there is additional documentation requested on the notification letter (previa), can I download the Electronic Visa?

No, you must send by certified mail the notification letter that you received together with the documentation requested in the respective notification. The certified letter must be sent to the “Oficina de Partes” of the Provincial Goverment Office corresponding to your address or to the Department of Extranjería y Migración, if you live in Santiago.


5. Does the Electronic Visa have to be registered with PDI?

No. Only the first visa must be registered with PDI in this link, not the visa extensions (prórrogas) or changes of visa, which are automated.


 6. Can I have access to my Electronic Visa if I am a dependent?

The visa holder must first download the visa, which will enable the dependent's visa to be downloaded. One week later, the downloading process of the dependent's Electronic Visa will be available.


 7. If I already have an issued visa, do I still have to process the Electronic Visa?

Yes, the Electronic Visa replaces the in-person process of the visa at our offices. If you have a valid visa, you must download your Electronic Visa. The temporary Electronic Visa must always be confirmed.


8. How long is the Electronic Visa valid for?  

The Electronic Visa is valid for the same time as the Visa issued.


 9. Can I obtain my Identity Card with the Electronic Visa?

Yes, you must make an appointment online through the Registro Civil (Civil Registry) website or go to an office to obtain your first or renewal ID card.