Reconsideration Request for Permanent Residence


The procedure is primarily aimed at those whose Permanent Residence application has been rejected by the Department of Extranjería and Migración.


The applicant must submit the reconsideration request at alongside new information that supports the claim to reconsider the rejection of the application.

Who is it addressed to?

Applicants who have had their Permanent Residence application rejected.

What steps should you take?

Complete the form on the website and upload:

- The appeal for reconsideration

- Documents that support the reconsideration of the denial.

How much is it?

There is no charge.

How long is it for?

The reconsideration must be submitted within three days of notification.

Legal Framework

Decree Law 1094 of 1975 and Supreme Decree 597 of 1984.

How and where do I apply?

Through the website, under the section "Vivir en Chile" and then select  "Reconsideración de Permanencia Definitiva online".

Online Guide


Reconsideración Permanencia Definitiva.